Written by: Dr. Jacquie Jacob, University of Kentucky

National 4-H BBQ contest (Image by Stephe Patton, University of Kentucky)

Are you a 4-H member who is a whiz on the grill? Why not consider competing in the national 4-H chicken or turkey barbecue contest at the National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference. It is a great opportunity to highlight your talents, competing with other 4-Hers around the country.

Many counties around the country hold 4-H chicken barbecue contests. If your county doesn’t, consider having your club start one. In the national contests the participants have two hours to cook four chicken thighs or two turkey burgers. The grills, charcoal, and lighter fluid are provided, along with the chicken or turkey meat. Participants provide the tools and know-how to barbecue the meat. The participants are judged on their cooking skills (including handling the food safely) as well as the appearance and taste of the finished product. In the national contests, contestants are also required to give an ‘illustrated talk’ showing their knowledge of the chicken or turkey industry in the U.S. Most county and state contests do not include this in their contests, but 4-H seniors who want to represent their state in the national contest should be aware of this requirement.

Webinar on the new rules


Kentucky 4-H chicken and turkey barbecue contest (University of Kentucky)